Happy Birthday to my Sammy Baby!

Dearest Samantha,

Happy Birthdayyyyy!

You’re my best friend, sister, partner in crime, soon-to-be-bride, and the most generous and supportive person I have had the privilege of knowing and loving over the last 8 years.

It’s hard to imagine not spending this birthday with you but I will be celebrating and thinking of you from all 3,269 miles near. This just means I can start on the prosecco festivities a whopping FIVE-socially acceptable drinking hours before you.

You are one of the most amazing people I know, beautiful inside and out. You bring so much happiness, sunshine (and tequila) into everyone’s life, we’re all better for it.

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London Glam

“Could you do me a huge favor? I need a hair model for the beauty segment of my TV show. ”

GULP. TV? Like on camera?

“A celeb hair and makeup expert will be creating a few different looks for the show…it will only take a couple of hours, annnnnd you’ll get some free products!”

Celebrity stylists? Free samples? Heck yes I will!

Please excuse the Girls sign below – I assure you, this was not a gentlemen’s club. The filming was done in the basement of a club/bar of some sort.

I couldn’t believe all the aspects that go into the taping and producing of a show. There are so many people involved, cameras, lights, angles, scripts, costume changes…I was both massively nervous and incredibly impressed by the whole production.

167 drury lane

I don’t want to spill ALLL the beans, but here’s a sneak peek into the hottest red carpet looks this season.

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‘Hey, Look at that Guy…’

You know when a friend tells you, ‘Hey, look at that person [you can fill in the blank, guy/girl/dog it doesn’t matter]…’.

You turn around reallllllll slow, pretend to crack your back, stretch, reach into your bag, act like you coincidentally dropped something BEHIND you. Yeah, no. You may think you look sly, but really, you just look like you’re AWKWARDLY trying to get a better look.

Let’s be serious. Without fail, you make eye contact, you get caught and then feel just plain awkward.

My lovely flatemate ran into my room this evening, ‘OH MY GOD, you have to see this guy, he’s hanging out the window, he’s covered in tattoos…’.

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Just a Little Morning Rugby & Good ol’American Breakfast

Saturday, England’s rugby team played New Zealand in Auckland at 8pm or 20.00, if we’re using 24-hour time. I laugh some days because I still get my hours mixed up! It’s like being back in school all over again. I’ve considered making flash cards…13.00 is 1pm, 16.00 is 4pm…

With a 12-hour difference between Auckland and London, that meant we were out the door by 7.30 and in the pub by 8am.

Unfortunately, the weather was a bit crappy. Spurts of pouring rain, and then nothing. It made getting out of bed at 7.30 on a Saturday a challenge.

After driving around for extra 15 minutes popping into pubs to see if the game was on, we found this great little spot, The Coat & Badge. Inside there were loads of tables and a mishmash of chairs, semi-resembling a familiar living room, with so many odds and ends and interesting things to look at.

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Dearest Dad, I’m Obsessed with Anti-Bacterial Gel

You would be so proud.

The instant I board the tube, I’m overwhelmed by the sounds of coughs, sniffles and sneezes. It’s like an underground language in London. Thousands of people billions of GERMS! Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Rest assured, I picked up a handy little blue bottle of anti-bacterial lemon scented hand gel the other day and apply it like sunscreen. Any areas exposed to the elements, hands, arms, neck, face, legs…

Unfortunately, for your safety while riding the tube – you must hold on. I’ve tried the old ‘you’ve got this’, arranging my feet and balancing my weight ever so carefully as not to touch the railings and handles.

This does not work.

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Dinner & a London Musical

Friday evening I attended my very FIRST London show…drum rolllllll please.


Based off the legendary 90s flick with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, the Bodyguard, although not my first pick, was entertaining. It’s nearly impossible to hold back the desire to karaoke when you hear, How will I know, One moment in time…or better yet, I will always love you.

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Home Sweet London Home

I am in LOVE with my new flat and equally in love with my new flatmate!

Close your eyes and envision the perfect little London flat, on the perfect little London street somewhere…

Yep, that’s my place! (or at least how I see it)

Thursday morning, I packed up at the hotel, made a makeshift office in the hotel lobby for the afternoon and then moved into the flat that evening.

london bound

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