Hello London!

I landed in London yesterday and was greeted by the sun!

Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed that my beautiful, brand spankin’ new Hunter wellies would not be put to use. Oh well, next London shower, I’ll be prepared!

hunter wellies

While the hotel room was being prepared, I jetted off to the nearest coffee shop, picked up a takeaway iced latte and headed to the park.

I sat long enough to soak up the sun, flip through a magazine and spot some blokes sunbathing in their striped swim briefs. It was equally hilarious and terrifying.

That afternoon, I went to my first flat showing in West Kensington. The place was a gorgeous two bed flat in a converted mansion. I absolutely loveddd it but there are still a few more flats to see today!

My friend Sarah and I decided to meet at the London Bridge that night for dinner and drinks. I ordered the pad thai with prawns, not very London, I know, but delicious nonetheless! Sarah warned that the prawns in London typically come with the eyes and bodies still attached. Luckily, there were no eyes to contend with but something to keep in mind!

One thing I (re)confirmed, prosecco and a friendly face make everything right in the world. See you tomorrow London!

london bridget


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