Week ONE, Done!

So much has happened in the last week, I don’t know where to start!

  1. First off, the blog crashed – got that fixed so let’s continue.
  2. Found an amazing flat, with an amazing flatmate. So start saving those pennies people and book your ticket to the UK!
  3. Involved in not ONE, but TWO medical emergencies involving an ambulance. Don’t worry, I was not THE injured party in either incident.
  4. Had my first day of work in the Maidenhead office.
  5. Went to my first London show! May or may not have been with a handsome fellow.
  6. Watched my first rugby game.
  7. First TK Maxx shop. Did you really think I could hold off much longer?!
  8. Opened a UK bank account and was approved for a UK credit card. Oh, and my bank account manager is obsessed with the MTV show AWKWARD – we became instant best friends. (SP – you know how obsessed I am with this show!)
  9. Attempted a food shop. Bought a £4 bottle of wine. Learned it’s £4 for a reason.
  10. Got stuck in a monsoon without my wellies. London rain seems wetter than usual.
  11. Met friends for drinks in Covent Garden, for a proper night out in London.

And what a week this has been! x

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