Home Sweet London Home

I am in LOVE with my new flat and equally in love with my new flatmate!

Close your eyes and envision the perfect little London flat, on the perfect little London street somewhere…

Yep, that’s my place! (or at least how I see it)

Thursday morning, I packed up at the hotel, made a makeshift office in the hotel lobby for the afternoon and then moved into the flat that evening.

london bound

My flatmate arrived home just as my taxi pulled up to the house and she graciously offered to help LUG all 300lbs of my crap up to the second floor. Just in case I forget to mention it, she’s an angel.

The flat has a large, bright living room, dining space, beautiful kitchen, two beds and two baths. And let’s not forget, a DISHWASHER, WASHING MACHINE and TUMBLE DRYER.

In the states, I took these amenities for granted. I assure you, from what I’ve seen during my search, most flats in London do NOT have a dishwasher, maybe a washing machine, but they certainly DO NOT have a tumble dryer. My colleague told me that the cold, damp and humid days that London is known for, can leave your clothes wet on the drying rack for OVER A WEEK. A week!?

Amen for the tumble dryer.

I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this little gem that I now call home.

Hello cute little London flat

My little double room

My bedroom

My little bathroom - all for me!

My bathroom – all for me! You can’t see the shower but it’s there.

the dining space

The dining space + kitchen

View from the living room

View from the living room

The indoor garden

The indoor garden

living space

The living room


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