‘Hey, Look at that Guy…’

You know when a friend tells you, ‘Hey, look at that person [you can fill in the blank, guy/girl/dog it doesn’t matter]…’.

You turn around reallllllll slow, pretend to crack your back, stretch, reach into your bag, act like you coincidentally dropped something BEHIND you. Yeah, no. You may think you look sly, but really, you just look like you’re AWKWARDLY trying to get a better look.

Let’s be serious. Without fail, you make eye contact, you get caught and then feel just plain awkward.

My lovely flatemate ran into my room this evening, ‘OH MY GOD, you have to see this guy, he’s hanging out the window, he’s covered in tattoos…’.

sherlock holmes
I’m not sure why we both found this incredibly interesting?

I casually shuffled into the kitchen to get a better view. I slowly came around the corner, pretending to top off my wine glass.

‘Oh myyy, look at all those tattoos…why is he hanging half naked out the window?…’

As we both stood in the kitchen trying to focus in on this strange man.



We made eye contact and he waved. WAVED!


The flatmate and I jumped around the corner to safety as quickly as humanly possible. Embarrassed for maybe 15 seconds…we sat back on the couch, sipped our wine and decided.

Sherlock Holmes got nothin’ on us!

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