Just a Little Morning Rugby & Good ol’American Breakfast

Saturday, England’s rugby team played New Zealand in Auckland at 8pm or 20.00, if we’re using 24-hour time. I laugh some days because I still get my hours mixed up! It’s like being back in school all over again. I’ve considered making flash cards…13.00 is 1pm, 16.00 is 4pm…

With a 12-hour difference between Auckland and London, that meant we were out the door by 7.30 and in the pub by 8am.

Unfortunately, the weather was a bit crappy. Spurts of pouring rain, and then nothing. It made getting out of bed at 7.30 on a Saturday a challenge.

After driving around for extra 15 minutes popping into pubs to see if the game was on, we found this great little spot, The Coat & Badge. Inside there were loads of tables and a mishmash of chairs, semi-resembling a familiar living room, with so many odds and ends and interesting things to look at.

coat & badge

words to live by

The nearly packed bar of mostly Kiwis, started off with drinks almost immediately. I had to take it a bit slower, starting with a latte of course! The morning coffee is non-negotiable. Post coffee, we felt alive enough to join the others with their beers and ciders. It’s apple juice after all, right?

coffees & cider

It was a close game but New Zealand managed to pull it together for the win 20-15!

After the game, we ran across the street to the Urban Diner. It was JUST what I needed, a hot American breakfast.

urban diner

Three egg, mushroom, tomato and cheese omelet coming up! The eggs benny looked amazing too, but without gluten free bread, I had to pass. You can’t truly enjoy poached eggs without a little bread to mop them up!

urban diner breakfast

Mid-breakfast we realized the parking meter was nearly up. These are the days I don’t miss my car one bit. At all. Of course, at the moment, the skies opened up again.

rainy saturday @ breakfast

I sat there full, dry (whoops!) and content from such a fun morning.

Next on the agenda: a nap.


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