London Glam

“Could you do me a huge favor? I need a hair model for the beauty segment of my TV show. ”

GULP. TV? Like on camera?

“A celeb hair and makeup expert will be creating a few different looks for the show…it will only take a couple of hours, annnnnd you’ll get some free products!”

Celebrity stylists? Free samples? Heck yes I will!

Please excuse the Girls sign below – I assure you, this was not a gentlemen’s club. The filming was done in the basement of a club/bar of some sort.

I couldn’t believe all the aspects that go into the taping and producing of a show. There are so many people involved, cameras, lights, angles, scripts, costume changes…I was both massively nervous and incredibly impressed by the whole production.

167 drury lane

I don’t want to spill ALLL the beans, but here’s a sneak peek into the hottest red carpet looks this season.

red carpet 1

Though trouble was lurking behind the camera, making it incredibly difficult to keep a straight face!

red carpet 2

Nearly twenty minutes later and voila! The finished look…

hollywood sleek

Hollywood sleek with a nude lip & pop of eye color! My hair has NOT been this shiny since I arrived in London. London has some of the hardest water, combined with high humidity levels, attempting to style, straighten or curl your hair can be a workout.

I imagined while all this pampering was taking place; would I choose a house cleaner orrrr a morning beauty squad?

Hands down a BEAUTY SQUAD.

I would swap a house cleaner, chef, personal trainer, maybe even a laundry service for a beauty squad. It takes a team to look this good!

The next look was an ethereal wrap braid and bold lip. The red lip was my favorite look of the afternoon. I couldn’t help but feel so stinkin glamorous!

london red lips

All dressed up, I took this look out for a night on the town…okay, really just for Thai food and a basil cocktail but I still felt pretty fabulous.

basil cosmos

I could get used to this x

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