Girls Weekend in Birmingham

Nothing and I mean NOTHING is like a girls weekend away. Near or far, couch or poolside. Ladies, I think we can all agree? It just doesn’t matter where we are.

I took a train two hours northwest-ish of the city to good ol’Birmingham for a little hotel stay-cation, dinner, dancing and of course what’s a weekend away without brunch!

The train ride in was a little percarious. Each time the train entered and exited a tunnel the weather seemed to change from sun, to sprinkles, drizzles to downpours.

train sprinklesSprinkles.

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Morning Tea & Haircut

I got my hairs-cut and thank goodness! London water is harsh. Harsh on your skin and harsh on your hair, and my hair was beginning to hate me. I’m a bit particular about my hair as well. The idea of just walking into a salon is more frightening to me than getting a cavity filled. Dramatic, maybe?

I went to the Edward James London Salon in Putney and had the fabulous Natalie (also the celebrity stylist from London Glam) style me pretty!

The salon is gorgeous, spa-like and smelled amazing, which helped when I arrived at 8am…still half asleep. Who has their haircut at 8am!? Someone desperate for a trim!

The appointment started off with hot tea and biscuits & a scalp massage with invigorating oils. Ooo la la! Already in love with this place.

tea timeI should have taken a before pic of my wild hair, but it’s healthy and silky now!

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Fortnum & Mason

I spent the most lovely Saturday with a most lovely new friend at Fortnum & Mason.

All I could think of was diving face first into the store’s chocolate display…annnnnd of you, Mama. You need to hurry up and book a ticket for London because this store has your name written all over it. Think, William & Sonoma meets London meets high tea.


My afternoon date and I met at Green Park. Another spot in London I had yet to explore. The park was hosting a Tour de France celebration and there were large, I mean MASSIVE screens setup, food trucks, vendors and all sorts of activities! This is by far the best part of London, there is no need to go very far to find a very lively spot.

As we strolled down Green Park, I was told that there would be a surprise at the end…and there was, Buckingham Palace! Sadly, the Queen was not home to greet us.

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Happy Fourth America

Well, let’s just say the Fourth isn’t done up quite like in the states. However, there are PLENTY of Americans in this lovely city to band together for some celebrating.

The day started off a little shaky, so I tried some fried eggs and half pack of bacon to jump start the morning…I blame it on the rosé. Oof.

cure allPut on my Independence Day gear…

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Launch Party

Thursday night I attended my very first, red carpet launch party for the hottest new beauty magazine! How fancy, right?

Only problem is, I am still living out of the same darn suitcase I brought over four weeks ago! C’mon ladies, you will agree, that’s a LONG time with only one suitcase worth of clothes! The rest of my things are still at home which reminds me, GOT to have those boxes shipped on Monday!

Now, what-to-wear what-to-wear what-to-wear?! I borrowed a beautiful black dress from my friend and ordered nearly half of ASOS’s selection of cocktail dresses for delivery Thursday morning…as backup.

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