Happy Fourth America

Well, let’s just say the Fourth isn’t done up quite like in the states. However, there are PLENTY of Americans in this lovely city to band together for some celebrating.

The day started off a little shaky, so I tried some fried eggs and half pack of bacon to jump start the morning…I blame it on the rosĂ©. Oof.

cure allPut on my Independence Day gear…

fourth of julyLet the festivities begin!

My American friend Sarah, found this little pub celebrating the Fourth of July all weekend long with the Independents Day Beer & BBQ Festival. The festival featured US keg & bottle brews, live music, a blazing BBQ with burgers, ribs, wings, corn on the cob and slaw! Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about those ribs…


gin garden

bbq menu
Fall off the bone pork ribs, yes please! This ex-colonist should have also used a bib as I was wearing half the sauce on my face, hands and clothes. Slobby American.

There is no place like celebrating July Fourth at home but London gave the good ol’ American BBQ a good shot.

And because one Fourth of July party is never enough! Tonight is ROUND TWO.


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