Launch Party

Thursday night I attended my very first, red carpet launch party for the hottest new beauty magazine! How fancy, right?

Only problem is, I am still living out of the same darn suitcase I brought over four weeks ago! C’mon ladies, you will agree, that’s a LONG time with only one suitcase worth of clothes! The rest of my things are still at home which reminds me, GOT to have those boxes shipped on Monday!

Now, what-to-wear what-to-wear what-to-wear?! I borrowed a beautiful black dress from my friend and ordered nearly half of ASOS’s selection of cocktail dresses for delivery Thursday morning…as backup.

Option 1: Black dress and borrowed! Which makes it that much better.

black dress

Option two: Purple ASOS midi

purple dress
The shoes were also a last minute ASOS delivery. I spent hours in these shoes, walking, dancing, standing and they were comfortable the entire night & they were on sale. Win! (Dupey you’d be so proud).

On the taxi ride in, the driver was the friendliest gent and we chatted away on the BEST places to find Lebanese food in the city. I have a list about a mile long now, mmmm falafel…

He caught me red-handed snapping selfies in the backseat and kindly offered to take my picture once we arrived at the Club but I assured him, “Don’t worry, I do this all the time!”. I think I’m becoming a bit of a #selfieaddict.

launch party look

My taxi driver turned tour guide brought me past Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Big Ben. Pointing out each gem along the way. We kept re-routing due to traffic. We even may have driven through the entire city as I’m still not entirely sure we the heck I am yet.

london eye
big ben

I finally arrived to the club nearly 45 minutes later. London traffic during rush hour is the worst! I take that back, London travel via taxi, car or bus is THE WORST at any time of day.

The launch took place at The Drury Club in the heart of Covent Garden. The same spot the taping was done for the Hollywood’s Hottest Looks segment.

There was a red carpet and paparazzi! I was hoping that maybe the Beckham’s would swing by for a red carpet appearance and glass of champagne?! They must not have received an invite…

red carpet

Celebrities ranging from UK soap stars, TV personalities and celeb doctors were in attendance.


The paparazzi sadly didn’t want to take my photo…so I took theirs. Say cheeeeese!

drury club barThe photos from the inside came out pretty lousy but you get the idea.

IMG_5115And finally, the guest of honor, so proud of him!

guest of honor

The night ended with some more celebratory bubbles at a local bar (maybe too many celebratory bubbles) but the evening was just amazing. What a perfect way to kick off a great accomplishment and celebrate with some new friends.

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