Fortnum & Mason

I spent the most lovely Saturday with a most lovely new friend at Fortnum & Mason.

All I could think of was diving face first into the store’s chocolate display…annnnnd of you, Mama. You need to hurry up and book a ticket for London because this store has your name written all over it. Think, William & Sonoma meets London meets high tea.


My afternoon date and I met at Green Park. Another spot in London I had yet to explore. The park was hosting a Tour de France celebration and there were large, I mean MASSIVE screens setup, food trucks, vendors and all sorts of activities! This is by far the best part of London, there is no need to go very far to find a very lively spot.

As we strolled down Green Park, I was told that there would be a surprise at the end…and there was, Buckingham Palace! Sadly, the Queen was not home to greet us.

buckingham palace 2

buckingham palace

Look at that blue sky! In true London fashion, the sun only lasted for another few minutes or so. But it was long enough to pack my industrial sized beach umbrella and water-resistant-might-as-well-be-a-sieve jacket stuffed into my bag. Always prepared.

We left the Palace and marched back through Green Park, down Piccadilly to Fortnum & Mason for some tea and sweets.

tea standsHomemade marshmallows!

marshmallowSo many different teas! It was really amazing. I suppose I didn’t realize there were so many different varieties?

tea for days

tea timeDownstairs included a butcher, cheese delicatessen, fruits & vegetables, aisles of olive oils, spreads, spices, fresh baked goodies and baking ingredients. All very fancy. It would be the perfect place to shop for a picnic.

down the stairsI can only taste with my eyes. These gluten-full goodies are not meant to be eaten.

baked goodsWe finished exploring and jetted upstairs for some tea and cake.

team timeMy cup was green but my saucer was BLUE! Aunty must have been saying hi.

There were no flour-less cake options so I reluctantly ordered the triple scoop dark chocolate and coffee butterscotch sundae with homemade whipped cream, mini chocolate chips and a coffee macaroon. Done.

sundae lunchThere is simply no way more perfect to spend a lazy Saturday than with great company & dessert!

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