Morning Tea & Haircut

I got my hairs-cut and thank goodness! London water is harsh. Harsh on your skin and harsh on your hair, and my hair was beginning to hate me. I’m a bit particular about my hair as well. The idea of just walking into a salon is more frightening to me than getting a cavity filled. Dramatic, maybe?

I went to the Edward James London Salon in Putney and had the fabulous Natalie (also the celebrity stylist from London Glam) style me pretty!

The salon is gorgeous, spa-like and smelled amazing, which helped when I arrived at 8am…still half asleep. Who has their haircut at 8am!? Someone desperate for a trim!

The appointment started off with hot tea and biscuits & a scalp massage with invigorating oils. Ooo la la! Already in love with this place.

tea timeI should have taken a before pic of my wild hair, but it’s healthy and silky now!


back haircut

The salon will soon be adding a spa! I cannot wait. Ladies, hurry up and come visit! A little London touring and spa r&r is in order!

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