Girls Weekend in Birmingham

Nothing and I mean NOTHING is like a girls weekend away. Near or far, couch or poolside. Ladies, I think we can all agree? It just doesn’t matter where we are.

I took a train two hours northwest-ish of the city to good ol’Birmingham for a little hotel stay-cation, dinner, dancing and of course what’s a weekend away without brunch!

The train ride in was a little percarious. Each time the train entered and exited a tunnel the weather seemed to change from sun, to sprinkles, drizzles to downpours.

train sprinklesSprinkles.

train to birminghamNo rain?

train rainJust kidding.

no train rain?

Birmingham however greeted me with SUNSHINE!
We stopped at the hotel to drop our things and went straight to the rooftop for some bubbles & sunshine!

rooftop bubbles
Cheers darlings!

Following A LOT of bubbles, shoe talk, boy talk, food talk we went for dinner at Côte Bistro. It’s actually a chain in the UK but their food is always fresh and delish. It’s a great spot for a guaranteed yummy meal. I had the prosciutto wrapped haddock and minty smashed peas YUM! Believe me, the peas sound odd, but if the mint is fresh, this side dish will knock your socks off.

A quick change was in order and off to the bars!

who let this girl danceWho let this girl dance? I wish I could say my moves are improving but I’m afraid that’s not the case.

valentino heels
We also had to squeeze in a few dancing breaks to protect the Valentino heels. The ASOS on the other hand didn’t stand a chance.

The problem with UK bars is that in the UK, you can essentially drink from birth. Therefore, you can’t be certain that people IN the bars are over 21, (thank you America). We had a nice chat with a group of handsome chaps who were intrigued by the American accent. Funny, right? The game reverses and I’m the one being asked, Say car! Say coffee! Say this, Say that!…Why do we do that to people with accents? Anyways!

One of the lads mentioned over the loud music, “…Oh yes, VEGAS…my 21st birthday…amazing…”.

I sometimes have trouble understanding what English people are saying, so I asked him to clarify.

“You spent your 21st in Vegas?”

“No, I’m going to Vegas in November for my 21st!”


I looked back at my friend and my mouth hit the floor, “HE’S NOT EVEN 21!?$!!$@”

At that moment I think we both felt incredibly old. To be 21 again. Sigh. Moving on.

We managed to dance into the wee hours of the morning, way past nana’s bedtime. We hailed a cab to travel a quarter mile down the road. It was decided the Valetino’s needed a rest. It didn’t matter much that it was 3:30am, tea was in order. My friend prepared the tea, we laughed about the crazy evening and it was lights out.

That same day, the sun arrived much too early but the thought of brunch (lupper in our case) was too tempting to stay in bed much longer. Omelette’s, bucks fizz, coffee and a jazz quartet awaited us outside the hotel. We sat on the terrace to position ourselves for some good people watching with our bug shades.

It’s already decided, the next location: London.

rooftop bubbles


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