The Bridal Shower

My best friend is getting MARRIED!

MARRIED? She’s going to be a wife to a wonderful man (soon to be hubby). I couldn’t be more thrilled, happy, tearful (happy tears) and excited to celebrate this beautiful day with such a beautiful couple.

I am also the MOH. YEAHHHH, MOH baby! (Maid of Honor or Honour)

How do you begin to plan a shower for the most beautiful, stylish and chic friend? Pinterest.

I created more boards, pinned for hours and overdosed on DIY project ideas and well, I would say, the shower was a success. The bride was gorgeous, the groom, elated, and lots of happy guests. What more could a MOH ask for?

Step one. The theme.

Garden Party Glam: Golds, mint, pinks & lavender with a touch of garden chic.

Step two. The prep.

gold letters

Not sure Dad appreciated the GOLD glittery driveway, but the letters looked darn good.

glitter votivesMore glitter!

prosecco bath

Time to soak the labels! I put the little brother to work, soaking & scraping off the labels.

“Garrettttttt, do this is for your sister! And your other sisterrrrrr!”

He just couldn’t say no.

helper garrett

my sidekickI just love him. He may or may not have been thinking…What on earth did I agree to?

favorsThe lovely bridesmaids joined later in the evening with loads of bubbles and tortilla chips. Got to love them.

The next morning we packed the car and headed to Indian Pond in Kingston to begin setup.

table settingThe room was perfect and bright, despite the cloudy weather. We decorated each place setting with a menu and Advice For the Bride card. Of course my darling grandmother managed to light her Advice card on fire when she put it on top a candle. Luckily, her table neighbor reacted quickly and extinguished the flames. Now I know where I get it from.

place setting

sweetest wishes

bride sign




chalkThis was my most favorite piece! If you’re interested in creating a chalkboard, I can not rave about chalkboard spray paint enough! I took an ordinary cork board, cut foam core poster to fit the frame, painted it with chalkboard paint and voila!

chalkboard final

The shower featured two signature cocktails in honor of the bride-to-be. The Blushing Bride, not your average mimosa and the Mint-to-be-Margarita, ’cause what’s a luncheon without tequila!bride to be entranceWords can not describe how much I love this girl. Beautiful as always!

mother of the brideThe bride-to-be & her lovely Mama, who made this shower possible.

We kicked off the festivities with a little Newlywed Spinoff game – to test the couple. Are they ready for the big day?

the coupleFirst question: Where did you first meet? That was an easy one. Sigma Nu basement.

Second question: Michael, what is your favorite feature about Sam?

“Is this the G-rated version?”


the bun

There it is!

Needless to say, Michael & Samantha passed with flying colors.

Lunch followed with presents and boy were there a lot to open.


baby finn

bridal party

We’re a good looking bridal partay if you ask me.

my beautiful mamaMy beautiful Mama, Bride-to-be & me.

signature poseOur signature pose of course! I can’t even believe the wedding is 29 days away! What an amazing start to the wedding festivities. Can’t wait to celebrate this gorgeous girl and her countdown to bridal bliss.



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