Bachelorette in Boston: Part 1

I spent the most amazing weekend with my souuul sister, celebrating her final weeks of single-hood, the upcoming nuptials and just being darn girls.

For the ultimate ladies’ weekend we checked into our posh little room at the Ames Hotel, dropped our bags and headed straight for the margaritas!

margarita time

Followed by dinner at Mooo… one of our faves and the spot Sam & Michael celebrated their Engagement Dinner. Seemed fitting to return to where it allll began.

Thanks to Dad’s frequent trips to Mooo and the entire Columbus Group Family, we were welcomed like a-list celebs! Wine tastings, lobster bisque, tomato salad, scallops, truffle fries and a bit of chocolate to go with the dessert wine.

Our waiter was a recent grad with his Master’s in wine and was eager to have us sip, swirl and savor every kind of vino from California to France, and of course, we were happy to!

Very full, we wobbled out of the restaurant and down to Bond lounge in the Langham Hotel.

attempted selfieOur selfies could use some work.

We enjoyed some more bevvies and the “live entertainment” which included with a Britney Spears lookalike and some interesting company that stopped by our table.

A group of gents sat down alongside us and began to share their occupations. One introduced himself as a professional Ninja Warrior, the other a male dancer and the third, an orthopedic surgeon.

The professional ninja warrior and male dancer were tough ones…but the orthopedic imposter met his match with Ms. Orthopedic Medical Devices herself! Sam quizzed him and decided, he was legit.

As the night escaped us, we made our way home and crawled into bed in preparation of the bachelorette festivities ahead of us. The beds were so comfortable it took about 30 seconds to fall asleep.

See you in the morning.

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