Bachelorette in Boston: Part Two

9AM came pretty quickly, along with a wake up call from the hotel.


“Good morning Ms. Edwards”

“Good morning, how are you?”

“I’m great, but I think your day is about to get A LOT better.”

And by A LOT, he meant that our dearest bestest friend had ordered us an in-room massages! The morning had already outdone itself.

Completely relaxed, I probably would have gone back to bed if it wasn’t for our brunch reservation.

Ahhh, good morning Boston.good morning boston

Sam booked us a table at The Beehive in the South End.

beehive bostonordering intentlyA lil’ splash of vodka for breakfast & some bubbles for the bride.

morning sips

omelet heaven

That’s a bacon and sweet onion omelet for ya, with homemade chips and a side salad. The salad was hidden under that pile of chips, smothered.

Sam had the quiche. I stole a bite (or two) and was also delish.

We attempted to walk off brunch before our blow-dry appointments. A bride-to-bee’s gotta look fabulous for her bachelorette night out!

pose in the park

park shot

dance moves 2

dance moves 3After a bit of time wasting, it was time to get dolled up at the Blo-Dry Bar.

Our appointments started off with a shampoo and a head massage. I won’t name names but I think someone passed out in the shampoo chair (you know who you are).

hair dooSimply gorgeous.

We jetted off to the hotel, checked in, and were greeted with a glass of bubbly. It was time to get this bachelorette party started!

IMG_5601A few pre-evening snaps and we were off to the rooftop patio.


rooftop revere

group pic take 1Ok, take 1…

take twoMuch better.

cheersbeautifulsam & linds

friend love

the girls

sam & karaAfter a thousand photos, a few drinks & endless smiles it was time for dinner at Teatro.

time to go

dinner timeDinner was fabulous but more importantly, it was time to get our dance on.

Tequila shots. Who’s idea was that…?

dance 1

dance 2

dance 3One of the best nights, ever.

When our poor feet had enough, we walked back to the hotel only to continue the silliness.

Sooner than we all wanted, it was morning.

Sam sprung out of bed, chipper as ever.

“When can we go to your house for waffles?”

“Um, once everyone else wakes up…?”

Pretty soon, we were all up. Sore, achy & exhausted…did we just run a marathon last night?

Focus ladies, waffles & coffee are waiting for us at home. We quickly got our act together and moved out.

All I can say is thank goodness for Mamas. Both Mama Edwards & Mama Pye had the breakfast spread waiting for us…and oof, more prosecco.

Hair of the dog, right?

bridal brunch


bridal brunchWhat a perfect way to end the most perfect weekend.

We love you Samantha xo


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