Bit by the Homesick Bug

This week has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve caught the homesick bug, cough cough.

Homesickness is such a strange feeling. It’s easy to forget that little pain in your heart when you’re distracted, but when it hits, it hits hard. Maybe the feeling is more like a mosquito bite? When you forget about it, you’re fine. Once that bite starts getting itchy, forrrgetttt about it, you’re done for. No matter what you try, it only seems to get worse.

Wahh. I miss home dammit.

It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been home so much in the last month. The comfort of a familiar place and being with family & friends, makes getting on the return flight to London that much harder.

Mom & Grammy love tell the story of when I was maybe three years old. I didn’t want to leave my Grammy’s house (obviously) and when I discovered my Mom was staying and I was leaving with Dad and Riley, I threw a fit. I had both feet on each side of the car door, pushing off so Dad couldn’t get me into my car seat. Oh, and I was also screaming at the top of my lungs, in a frightening-the-neighbors-kind-of-way, “YOU’RE NOT HUMANNNN”.

Mom says I got that from the Little Mermaid, during the part when Ariel’s Dad was telling her, ‘You’re not human, you’re a mermaid’. Makes sense. I was definitely a Lil’ Mermaid fan. Still am, let’s be serious. I traded in my VHS copy for the digitally restored platinum edition DVD when I was 21.

This is how I felt boarding the plane on Monday. No, I didn’t call the pilot Not Human. The fear of being arrested at Logan Airport kept those three-year old emotions in check. I boarded like a civilized person, but cried inside when I finally got to my seat.

One of my London friends called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I was ‘Ok?’. The flood gates opened up.

He must have thought, Maybe I can fake terrible reception and hang up?

He assured me that this will pass.

“London loves Americans. Sort of in the same way that you love that annoying cousin you’re somehow related to. And, you’re happy you only have so spend the occasional holiday with them…kind of love.”.

Not helping.

It also doesn’t help that all my friends have abandoned the city this long weekend.

He suggested a cruise on the Thames river.

“You’ll love it.”

ruby on the couch

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