Beer Steins, Lederhosen & Birthday Cake Part 2

The workshop went ever so smoothly, which was especially great since the CEO was in town.

We had 15 minutes to change into our Bavarian gear, consisting of lederhosen (for men), checkered dresses and patterned aprons before we were off!

Lederhosen and dirndls are a country-inspired fashion in Bavaria, but I’m not quite sure how these country ladies got their hands on the Victoria’s Secret miracle bras, required to complete the dirndl ensemble. If your lady parts (boobs), weren’t spilling over the top of your dirndl, then you weren’t wearing it properly.

We had to cover up the girls first before sending a pic to Christiane’s mom!


All dirndls are also worn with a skirt. Much like the clatter ring, depending on how the skirt is tied, the knot will tell gents everything they need to know. A knot tied on the woman’s left side indicates that she is single, right means married, engaged or otherwise “taken”. A knot tied in the front center indicates a virgin and a knot on the back center, a widow.

However, as the evening carries on, the knot tends to migrate from it’s original position…probably not the most reliable indicator.


tent viewAs soon as we sat down the food & beer started flowing.

The Oktoberfest brew is made special and extra strong but when you’re drinking it by the litre-full, does the 2% in strength make much of a difference? It’s a freakin’ litre!

You’re also expected/required to eat a tremendous amount of food…

The pretzels are larger than your head.


Did you notice that man’s face? I think he’s jellyyyy.

Wait, there’s moreeee.

Oktoberfest foodI had to loosen up the apron a bit…

OktoberfestShoot a row, win a rose!

Oktoberfest gamesNot sure what this was all about?

hot cornAt the time, I thought this would be a good idea…

coaster ride

All in all it was a beer-y good weekend. Not sure it was very gluten free, but hey, when in Oktoberfest!

martina & i

Sunday morning, I flew back to London.

My fabulous flatmate surprised me with a gluten free chocolate fudge cake and mani/pedi for my birthday!

What a lucky lady.

We packed a picnic and headed off to Hyde Park to sip bubbles and soak up the summery sunny day.

Cheers! Here’s to another fabulous year Xo

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