Can Almost Hear Those Wedding Bells

It’s official, they are Mr & Mrs Rego! And the day could not have been more perfect.

A beautiful couple, a beautiful day…and well, the bridesmaids were pretty darn lovely if I do say so myself!

bridesmaidsExcept for that one on the left…who invited her?

Just kidding. Love you to pieces Abigail.

More importantly, the lovely new couple. I love you both more than words can describe.

the lovely coupleSimply stunning.

The wedding festivities began on Thursday afternoon with mani-pedi appointments & prosecco of course! What’s a day at the spa, without a few bubbles?

Our spa afternoon was followed by the church rehearsal and dinner, wedding binder in tow…

the binderThe view from St. Agatha’s Church was breathtaking.

st agathas church

#OMG #Sam&Mike #AreGettingMarried #RehearsalTime #xoxoxo

tom foolery
beautiful girls
beautiful girls take twoWe couldn’t be more thrilled celebrating this special couple!

bride rehearsalAfter we practiced walking, lining up, and supervising the vows, it was off to Abby Park for the rehearsal dinner.

Abby Park
rehearsal dinnerAhh, the final hours before the big day!

It’s just like they say, girls just wanna to have fun & so we did.

team pyeTime for a bit of beauty sleep, but not before a few more laughs with the ladies.

Tomorrow, Sam & Mike are getttttting married!*


*And by tomorrow, I mean Friday, September 12th. Feels like it was yesterday! Xo

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