Tour de Paris!

Ahh, Paris! The city of lights and love.

Due to a delayed flight (naughty BA), I had arrived later than I had hoped but I was prepared to squeeze in a bit of Parisian touring.

The city holds a very special place in my heart as it was my first trip to Europe in 2006 with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Mark. We rang in 2007 under the glittering Eiffel Tower and it was as magical as it sounds. My Aunt & Uncle are two of the most seasoned travelers I know, making my first abroad an unforgettable one.

I caught the traveling bug.

This is my fourth trip to Paris and each time, I fall in love just a bit more.

view from the hotel

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Finally, I can say that I’ve made it to Amsterdam!

What a beautiful, lovely city, and as my dear friend Jaimie put it:

There are bikes on bikes on bikes.

There are bikes in the road, on the side walks, tied to fire hydrants, street lights, cars, people, buildings and other bikes.

There is also no shortage of canals.

lovely amsterdam

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