Mama in London!

Well it’s been quite some time since I’ve visited the blog and I have no good excuse other than – where does the time go!?

Oh yes, and my laptop died, which can make this whole blog thing a bit tricky. Luckily, my brother agreed to trade his laptop for my iPad…and a few dollars and saved me from emptying my savings account on a new shiny laptop.

And guess who else was in town, MAMA!

Mama arrived at 5:30 in the morning, stepping off the plane with her new over-the-knee boots and down jacket, looking like a true beauty & globe trotter. She managed the flight all on her own. So proud. Most impressively, she packed a medium suitcase for a ten day trip. A MEDIUM SUITCASE. 

Not on UK soil for more than 40 minutes and like a true Londoner, Mama had her first cup of tea in the airport and we headed home.

At the flat, Mama quickly unpacked some goodies…a working laptop(!!!), treats from Grammy, onion powder (don’t get me started – you can’t find it anywhere in London)…makeup, boots & a new camera (my Christmas present to me)!

But, the best present of all, I got to snuggle with. Mama and I crawled into bed chatting away, until we both fell fast asleep.

After a peaceful snooze we woke up ready to take on the city! And the sun made an appearance which meant, we needed to get outside and quick!

sunshine for mama

Mama in London

Don’t mind the graveyard, that’s Margravine Cemetery and one of my best shortcuts! Cemeteries are used similarly as parks in London. I thought it was a bit weird myself at first, but now it’s just another shortcut!

We made a quick stop at the local butcher and picked up the bird for Sunday’s Faux-giving. At nearly 6 kilos, or 13 pounds, It may not sound like a big bird by American standards, but believe me. My oven is the size of a standard US toaster oven, so a 13 pound bird is quite massive. Even the roasting pan just fit.

Mama and I dropped the turkey off at home and carried on into town. First stop, Covent Garden, and it was bustling. I think everyone decided to visit the gorgeous Christmas tree that night.

Covent Garden Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

It was was c o v e r e d in millions of little lights. So beautiful.

Apple Market Covent GardenThe Apple Market in Covent Garden was packed with wandering tourists & locals. Mom and I popped into a few shops but we were really on a mission for just one: Ladurée, the most delicious macaroons in London – at least I think so! Chocolate, salted caramel, blackcurrant and pistachio are my favorites. We took a small bag to go and decided to look for a place to sit and enjoy a coffee & the macaroons.

We realized we were much hungrier than we thought, so we opted for dinner instead. We enjoyed a glass of vino outside while they prepared our table.

Vino for Two

And maybe a taste of chocolate macaroon. These little macaroonies are dangerous, and impossible to stop at just one. They are incredibly light, and the cookie part is not dense or hard like some macaroons. They are perfect little pillows of Parisian goodness. Cheers Mama!

Macaroon Tasting

After a delicious dinner of risotto & salad and a bit of celebratory vino, we headed home to prepare for our Thanksgiving feast. There was lots of vegetable chopping and prep work to be done, and the groceries were being delivered at 7am the next day – another reason to get a good night sleep!

On our walk back to the tube, we passed the Somerset House and I had to take Mom in for a look at the skating rink. The transform the rink into a real winter wonderland with hotel chocolate and mulled wine. This is on my list of must-do’s this winter.

Rink at Somerset House

Nighty night.

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