Adventures in London with my Twin: Part 1

It is soooo nice to have a friendly face in the city. I was missing this girl so much, but having her in London has made me realize how much I really reallllly realllllly miss her from my daily life.

Besties & Prosecco

I don’t think I’m going to let her leave. Ever.

With the Christmas & Boxing Day holidays, the city was the quietest I’ve ever seen it.

We managed to pick up the last two tickets to Matilda that night, eight rows from the stage. Pretty lucky gals if I do say so!

And, with our next stop in mind, I asked Nic for her opinion on macaroons, but all I got was the Nic face that looks like, ‘Ehhhh’.

LadureeSplitting the MacMacaroon Approved

“Ohhhhh myyyyyyyy gawdddddddddddd!”

Love at first bite.

Pistachio, hands down is our favorite, followed by the salted caramel – the perfect amount of salty & sweet. Ladurée macaroons are the dreamiest macaroons I’ve ever tasted. I know, I know, I’ve said this before, but they’re the most delicate and delicious macaroons (ever!). It’s impossible to stop at one…

We then headed over to Borough Market – one of the largest and oldest markets in Central London. Stalls full of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, oils, cured meats, sweets and street food vendors line the little alleyways.

Borough Market DSC00624

Brussels Heaven

Brussels sprouts heaven!

We explored the market, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the scent of cheese, fresh bread, mulled wine and hot cider. I spotted a display of gourmet oils, including black & white truffle oil and happily bought a small bottle in order to make Sam & Mike’s famous truffle popcorn.

There were stalls selling fresh pasta, oysters, fish and chips, dried fruits, fruit smoothies, Spanish delicacies, piles of Turkish delight, chocolate truffles…so many yummy sights!

We stopped for hot mulled cider in an attempt to warm our cold bodies.

Hot Cider

Nic wasn’t too much of a fan of the spiced cider, so she opted for the salted caramel macaroon instead.

Salted Caramel Macaroon

Holy Gloves

And, my favorite pair of gloves sprouted a hole. Not what you need on a chilly winter day.

We built up a bit of an appetite and decided to share a veggie pad thai as well, following our noses to the scent of stir-fried noodles…

Pad Thai

Stir Fry Selfie#stirfryselfie

As the sun began to set, we started back to the flat to get ready for our evening out.

With our party attire on and a few swipes of mascara, we jetted back to the city for margaritas & guacamole at Wahaca in Soho. What’s a girls’ night out without a little bit of tequila!?


Dinner at Wahaca

Wahaca Dinnah

Nic at Wahaca

I’ve been on the hunt for a yummy Mexican restaurant in London and I think I found a winner. There are multiple Wahaca locations around the city and more sprouting up – and it’s gluten free friendly.

We shared the guacamole and chips, black bean tostada with feta cheese, chicken enchiladas and pulled pork street tacos. It was all fabulous! Fresh and flavorful – without the cheesy, greasy mess you sometimes get with Mexican food. And, the margaritas weren’t too shabby. I opted for the original with salt and for Nic, the passion fruit.

Like most girls’ nights out, we got carried away with the chit chat and had to hurry up for our date with Miss Trunchbull.


Matilda the Musical

…had the Trunchbull caught Nicole succumbing to her jet lag during the performance, there’s a chance she may have been thrown in the chokey! But, we both made it out alive and stepped into the chilly air for a much needed pick-me-up.

The night was still young, so we visited one of my favorite London night spots, Archer Street. The bar is tucked away on Archer Street in Soho and has two floors, a chic cocktail lounge on the first floor and a ski-like retreat on the lower level. The menu comes with a range of fancy cocktails, a handful of which I’ve tried and love.

And, did I mention the live entertainment? The servers double as a professional kareoke team…without the cringe effect of a karaoke bar. The serving team actually have pretty fabulous voices and know the lyrics.

Our favorite cocktail of the evening was the Santa Baby, with gin and cherry syrup, a few other ingredients, mint and icing sugar for the ‘snow effect’.

Santa Baby

Santa Baby Two

Glow Stick Bevvy

A few beverages and lot of dance moves later, we decided it was time for our snuggly pajamas & cup of tea.

Happy to have my twin in London.

Taxi Ride Home

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