Diamond Jubilee Tea for Two

Fortnum & Mason, tea, fruit scones, and clotted cream. These are a few of my fav-or-riteeee things!

Hoping to make a lover of tea & scones out of Nic, I brought her to afternoon tea at the Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.

Afternoon tea is the tradition of having tea and a little something between lunch & dinner. It’s a nice opportunity to sip tea, nibble on mini sandwiches, dessert & maybe a glass of champagne or two and catch up on girl time. Afternoon tea seems like such a British thing to do when an American comes to visit!

My dear friend Cathy introduced me to F&M, one of her favorite spots, during my first month here in London and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine.

Fortnum teapot

Annnnnd, they have a gluten free menu, which is apparently one of the best in London, so who better to test it than my gluten free partner in crime.

The menu consisted of finger sandwiches: cucumber & cream cheese, coronation chicken, roast beef with gherkin (pickle) & caper dressing, smoked salmon with lemon dill butter, and hen egg with mustard cress.

Tea Sandwiches

Fruit scones with clotted cream and Fortnum & Mason’s own lemon curd and strawberry preserves.

Fruit Scones

Me Like Clotted Cream

More Clotted Cream

For dessert, a chocolate cupcake, rose scented macaroon, a lime, coconut & raspberry tart and berry almond loaf with sliced almonds.

Fortnum Dessert

Nic went for a light green tea & I had the Royal Wedding blend.

Tea Time

Tea Pose

We ordered a few more cucumber and coronation chicken sandwiches. Nic couldn’t get over the pure culinary genius of the cucumber & cream cheese combination.

To go with dessert, a bit of champagne!

Cheers 1

“Stop taking photos of meeeee”

Cheers 2 Cheers 3

There is no one quite like this girl. Beautiful inside & out.

Cheers 4

Nic wanted a turn with the camera.

I guess this is payback…

Cross Eyed Cake

Friends Tea

Full on finger sandwiches, tea & scones we took some time exploring all six levels of the Fortnum & Mason.

F&M sells everything from bath & beauty to wine, biscuits, chocolates and of course tea! It’s possible to spend hours there, and we did…nearly four.

We left Fortnum and took a stroll through Green Park, straight to Buckingham Palace.



Just another lovely day in London!

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