Honest(ly) the Best Burger Cure

Sunday started off a bit slow.

The Santa Baby’s from the evening before turned us into two big babies.

Santa Baby

By noon, we made it as far as the couch, put on Pitch Perfect, curled up in our pajamas and nibbled on toast smeared in butter. Eeh.

After a quick mid-afternoon nap, we mustered up enough energy to leave the flat and headed to Brixton Village Market.

The market is tucked away under the railroad bridge and is home to a vibrant lot of restaurants serving up foods from all over the world, Japanese, Italian, Caribbean, Thai and Brazilian, and the tiniest shops selling vintage clothes, household goods, gifts, cards, wines & charcuterie and art prints.

The restaurant’s tables and chairs spill out into the market halls giving you that al fresco feel without fear of London’s drizzly weather.

Oh, and the market is usually bustling, especially on the weekend.

Except for last Sunday. The entire market was in hibernation for the holidays.

There was no shopping to be had, no crepes, coffee or gluten free goodies. The majority of shops and restaurants posted little signs outside their doors, See you in 2015! 

Luckily, Honest Burgers was still open for business.

I’m not sure what the onion rings are battered in but they are the crunchiest, sweetest, halos of goodness I’ve ever had (and g-free!).

Two Coke’s, two burgers, a few rosemary salted chips and a side of onion rings later, and we started to feel human again.

Well, at least good enough to make a quick stop at TK Maxx.

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