Diamond Jubilee Tea for Two

Fortnum & Mason, tea, fruit scones, and clotted cream. These are a few of my fav-or-riteeee things!

Hoping to make a lover of tea & scones out of Nic, I brought her to afternoon tea at the Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.

Afternoon tea is the tradition of having tea and a little something between lunch & dinner. It’s a nice opportunity to sip tea, nibble on mini sandwiches, dessert & maybe a glass of champagne or two and catch up on girl time. Afternoon tea seems like such a British thing to do when an American comes to visit!

My dear friend Cathy introduced me to F&M, one of her favorite spots, during my first month here in London and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine.

Fortnum teapot

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It’s All About That Turkey

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday.

Good company, delicious food and very little stress. It’s alllllll about the turkey & being thankful for all the good things in life.

This year I had a million little things to be thankful for and therefore, decided to bring Thanksgiving to London.

This is what my miniature fridge looks like packed with dinner for 11. It’s a bit like Jenga. Taking one thing out runs the risk of everything toppling out!

Mini Fridge

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Mama in London!

Well it’s been quite some time since I’ve visited the blog and I have no good excuse other than – where does the time go!?

Oh yes, and my laptop died, which can make this whole blog thing a bit tricky. Luckily, my brother agreed to trade his laptop for my iPad…and a few dollars and saved me from emptying my savings account on a new shiny laptop.

And guess who else was in town, MAMA!

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Beer Steins, Lederhosen & Birthday Cake Part 2

The workshop went ever so smoothly, which was especially great since the CEO was in town.

We had 15 minutes to change into our Bavarian gear, consisting of lederhosen (for men), checkered dresses and patterned aprons before we were off!

Lederhosen and dirndls are a country-inspired fashion in Bavaria, but I’m not quite sure how these country ladies got their hands on the Victoria’s Secret miracle bras, required to complete the dirndl ensemble. If your lady parts (boobs), weren’t spilling over the top of your dirndl, then you weren’t wearing it properly.

We had to cover up the girls first before sending a pic to Christiane’s mom!


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Cruisin’ on the Thames

I took some friendly advice from a Londoner and spent the late afternoon cruising on the River Thames. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time touring the city yet, so he suggested this would be a good start.

The Tower of London is located next to the Pier, and as you can see there was something happening. Dear Google, ‘Why is the Tower of London covered in red flowers?’…

The Tower of London marked the 100th year anniversary of the First World War with an installation (the peonies) called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.

tower of londonThere will be 888,246 ceramic poppies to fill the Tower’s moat. One poppy for each British military fatality during the war.

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