Finally, I can say that I’ve made it to Amsterdam!

What a beautiful, lovely city, and as my dear friend Jaimie put it:

There are bikes on bikes on bikes.

There are bikes in the road, on the side walks, tied to fire hydrants, street lights, cars, people, buildings and other bikes.

There is also no shortage of canals.

lovely amsterdam

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Beer Steins, Lederhosen & Birthday Cake Part 2

The workshop went ever so smoothly, which was especially great since the CEO was in town.

We had 15 minutes to change into our Bavarian gear, consisting of lederhosen (for men), checkered dresses and patterned aprons before we were off!

Lederhosen and dirndls are a country-inspired fashion in Bavaria, but I’m not quite sure how these country ladies got their hands on the Victoria’s Secret miracle bras, required to complete the dirndl ensemble. If your lady parts (boobs), weren’t spilling over the top of your dirndl, then you weren’t wearing it properly.

We had to cover up the girls first before sending a pic to Christiane’s mom!


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Cruisin’ on the Thames

I took some friendly advice from a Londoner and spent the late afternoon cruising on the River Thames. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time touring the city yet, so he suggested this would be a good start.

The Tower of London is located next to the Pier, and as you can see there was something happening. Dear Google, ‘Why is the Tower of London covered in red flowers?’…

The Tower of London marked the 100th year anniversary of the First World War with an installation (the peonies) called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.

tower of londonThere will be 888,246 ceramic poppies to fill the Tower’s moat. One poppy for each British military fatality during the war.

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Bit by the Homesick Bug

This week has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve caught the homesick bug, cough cough.

Homesickness is such a strange feeling. It’s easy to forget that little pain in your heart when you’re distracted, but when it hits, it hits hard. Maybe the feeling is more like a mosquito bite? When you forget about it, you’re fine. Once that bite starts getting itchy, forrrgetttt about it, you’re done for. No matter what you try, it only seems to get worse.

Wahh. I miss home dammit.

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Bachelorette in Boston: Part Two

9AM came pretty quickly, along with a wake up call from the hotel.


“Good morning Ms. Edwards”

“Good morning, how are you?”

“I’m great, but I think your day is about to get A LOT better.”

And by A LOT, he meant that our dearest bestest friend had ordered us an in-room massages! The morning had already outdone itself.

Completely relaxed, I probably would have gone back to bed if it wasn’t for our brunch reservation.

Ahhh, good morning Boston.good morning boston

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